Model 960 Information

  • MERRICK is the inventor of the weigh belt feeder and has been supplying models for world wide industries since the 1920’s. However, due to the stringent demands of water and wastewater treatment, the Model 960 designs started with a blank sheet in the early 1990’s. Because of chemical metering problems unique to the water industry, special features were required for reliability, long life, low maintenance and simplicity. With the suggestions of water plant operators and maintenance personnel, along with over 100 years of MERRICK’s chemical metering experience, the Model 960 feeders were developed. Model 960 feeder designs are available for most water and waste water metering applications. The most common application for Model 960 feeders is to meter pebble lime into Slakers. The compact length and wide range of capacities permit them to be used on slakers from 400 to 10,000 Lbs/ Hr. All models are available for either gravimetric or volumetric applications.
  • All Model 960 models are available for either gravimetric or volumetric applicati ons. All versions are supplied standard with the MERRICK XTRA DC motor controller. Gravimetric versions are supplied with the Geneti x touchscreen microprocessor controller. This advanced controller is operator friendly with all functi ons acti vated by a graphical touch screen interface. Built-in diagnosti cs provide maintenance personnel quick resoluti on to any alarm or malfuncti on. Volumetric models are accurate to ±1% by volume and ±3% by weight. Gravimetric models are accurate to ±1% of set rate and ±0.5% totalized weight.


    The Model 960G is a general purpose belt feeder designed to gravimetrically meter chemicals into a process at an adjustable feedrate. The feeder belt speed is varied automati cally to meter material into a process at a desired set point. Belt speed is determined by a MERRICK Geneti x process controller by integrati ng the belt load with the belt speed. A gravimetric feeder is used for closed-loop process control.


    The Model 960V is a general purpose belt feeder designed to volumetrically meter chemicals into a process at an adjustable feedrate from 0-100%. Volumetric feedrate is achieved by varying the speed of the belt with a DC motor controller. The rate of speed can be adjusted either locally or remotely. In local mode, belt speed is set via a 0-100% potenti ometer. In remote mode, the belt speed is set via a 4-20 mA signal isolator.


    • MERRICK XTRA Variable Speed DC Motor Controller, PWM Rated (See XTRA Spec Sheet for Details) – Shipped Separate for Customer Installation
    • MERRICK Genetix Process Controller with Graphical, Touch Screen Operator Interface
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