Volumetric Feeder 50 Information

    • Reliably feeds difficult,abrasive materials such as alum and soda ash
    • Innovative, Patent-pending Design

    A wide range of feedrate capacities is available on the Series 50 feeder. Feedrates from as low as 0.03 cubic feet per hour through 72 cubic feet per hour are available using the Series 50 Dual Transverse Feeder. This is accomplished by varying auger pitch and diameter, gearbox reduction and timing belt sprocket ratios. Review the Series 50 Dual Transverse Feeder brochure and see why there is a patent pending on the design of this feeder.
  • Feeder Application

    The Model 50-FRP Feeder & Dissolver is a 50 gallon capacity water wetting chamber for chemicals. The Model 50-FRP is designed as an economical alternative to Stainless Steel Dissolver Tanks. The Dissolver is supplied without a cover as the base of the Series 50 Feeder serves as the tank cover, which bolts securely to the tank flange. The FRP Series Dissolvers are also available in 35 and 75 gallon versions. For applications requiring larger Dissolver capacities, MERRICK offers the Series 50 Feeders mounted to tanks up to 500 gallons.

    Series 50 Dual Transverse Volumetric Feeder
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Versatility is the Key

The picture to the right shows the Series 50 Feeder mounted on a 316 Stainless Steel Dissolver Tank with a Flexible Connection, Slidegate Valve and 7 cubic foot Extension Hopper. MERRICK is able to mix and match accessories to provide you with a system to match your specific application.

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