Add Precision to Your Process with a Quality Gravimetric Feeder

If you are considering adding or replacing weigh feeding equipment at your facility, consider the benefits of a state-of-the-art gravimetric feeder from MERRICK. The advantage of a gravimetric feeder when compared to a volumetric feeder is that the gravimetric design integrates a highly accurate scale to the process, which ensures that the precise rate of material is distributed to the end process consistently. This is particularly beneficial when high dosing accuracies are required (± 0.25%) or when metering materials with wide variations in bulk density. MERRICK custom designs gravimetric feeders to suit your application as either weigh belt feeders or loss-in-weight feeders.
At MERRICK, we have been in the bulk material handling and weigh feeding industries since 1908. Our knowledge, technology, and firsthand experience are instrumental in ensuring that your weigh feeding system improves efficiency, provides repeatable accuracy, and meets the unique needs of your application or process.
In order to achieve maximum accuracy, a gravimetric feeder from MERRICK is designed to provide reliable material flow, while continuously monitoring the process weight and adjusting the feed rate to ensure that consistency of dosing to set point is maintained.
Some of the other featured components of MERRICK’s gravimetric feeders include:
Continuous weighing or rate-control batching
Direct mounted weigh suspension with no moving parts with the capability to compare separate load cells to ensure proper operation
Genetix controls platform with your choice of user interfaces including Bluetooth® wireless access, and the capability to connect to nearly any industrial control system

If you are considering upgrading, replacing, or installing a new weigh feeding system, contact MERRICK to learn about our volumetric feeder and gravimetric feeder options. We’re happy to answer your questions and demonstrate how our gravimetric weigh feeders can reliably and accurately meter your materials.

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