Model 300 Information

  • MERRICK's Model 300 Flowmeter is designed to provide reliable and accurate flow-measurement of granular or pulverized material at relatively high flow rates.
    This system can perform material tests and inline calibrations without interrupting operations.
    • Utilizes MERRICK-signature parallelogram load sensing suspension for repeatable performance and easy maintenance
    • No moving parts
    • Dust tight housing
    • ±2% full scale basic accuracy
    • ±1% full scale accuracy with inline calibration means
    • Capacities 20 to 300 TPH with standard designs
    • Special designs and capacities available
    • Optional airslide adapter with chain curtain
    • 16” & 24” sizes for flow rates
      up to 350 cfm
    • ± 2% full scale accuracy with ± 1% or better with Genetix inline calibration function


    • Heavy duty impact plate.
    • Precision stainless steel load cell designed for high temperature operation.
    • Flanged guide chute provided to direct material onto the impact plate.
    • Dust confining mild steel enclosure with two access panels.
    • Airslide adapter available to provide interface with customer’s existing material delivery system.
  • For Spare parts for this model and more click here

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