MasterSet Information

    • The Genetix® MasterSet® provides a central point of operation and control for weigh feeders in a Recipe Blending System.
    • Can accept a System Setpoint and calculate the Setpoints for each weigh feeder in the system, based on the current recipe. Setpoints are then transmitted to each weigh feeder using a digital network.
    • Monitors the weigh feeders and provides material and recipe totals as well as Alarms generated by any feeder in the system.
    • Unique “Pacing” capability ensures that if a feeder in a blending system cannot achieve the Setpoint as required by recipe, the system throughput will be reduced to enable the ratio of materials in the blend are preserved. This means that good product containing the correct ratio of ingredients can still be produced even though a feeder may be experiencing problems.
    • Supports a Maximum of 16 Ingredients
    • Stores up to 100 Recipes
    • Supports Weigh Belt and Loss-in-Weight Feeders
    • Modbus RTU Communication Protocol via 4-Wire RS485
    • Graphical Touch Screen Interface
    • Master Start/Stop Capabilities
    • Ethernet /IP Network
    • How Does Pacing Work?
      Pacing is a unique function in a MasterSet® Recipe Blending System. When Pacing is enabled, MasterSet® monitors the performance of each feeder. If a low deviation from the recipe setpoint occurs, MasterSet will override the System Setpoint and lower the Setpoint for each feeder until the recipe balance has been restored. When this “Pacing Condition” occurs, the system will output less of the recipe blend, but the blended product will contain the correct ratio of ingredients. Once the problem with the offending feeder is corrected, the system can recover from the Pacing Condition and resume normal operation.
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