The Intelligent Evolution of Process Equipment

Genetix is MERRICK’s latest line of Process Controllers for weighing and feeding equipment. Genetix consists of a single-board process controller with more capabilities and customer flexibility than most other larger, bulkier controllers. The Genetix Core Module (GCM) can be configured with various displays and interfaces allowing it to perform well for a simple scale installation or a complex multi-feeder system.
Genetix process equipment




Standard GCM
Dual Load Cell Inputs – 24-bit A/D (16,000,000 divisions)
Isolated Analog Inputs and Outputs
Digital Inputs and Outputs (Form C)
Dual Tachometer / Speed Sensor Inputs
Serial Interfaces including RS-485 and USB

Genetix DNA Key Interface



   Interfaces such as Profibus, Ethernet, and Devicenet
   Monochrome and Color Graphical Displays
   DNA Key Interface – Portable Memory
   Bluetooth Wireless Interface

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