Connectivity Industrial Communications Protocols and Network Interfaces

The link between computers, PLCs and feeder/scale controllers in industrial systems has evolved from simple dedicated wiring to high speed industrial networking for the plant floor.

MERRICK controllers can support most modern industrial interfaces and protocols. MERRICK provides seamless integration which allows MERRICK Feeders and Scales to become an integral part of the customer’s system. Some of the benefits of industrial communications are:

  • modern industrial interfaces and protocolsOne set of wires for many values and signals
  • Exact values (no loss of resolution as with analog signals)
  • Fewer wires and I/O Modules (less expensive)
  • Better Diagnostics (easier troubleshooting and check-out)

The following industrial interfaces and protocols are provided standard with the MERRICK MC³ and Genetix Controller:

  • devicenet modern industrial interfaces and protocolsModbus ASCII
  • Modbus RTU
  • DF-1 (Allen Bradley)
  • Scalenet (MERRICK ASCII-based)

Optional interfaces and protocols supported by the MC³ and Genetix Controller include:

  • EtherNet/IP modern industrial interfaces and protocolsDeviceNet
  • EtherNet (AB Version)
  • EtherNet I/P
  • Modbus+
  • Data Highway+
  • Modbus EtherNet
  • ControlNet
  • Genetix Process ControllerProfibus

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