Model 465 Information

    • Multiple Idler Scale
    • Belt Widths to 72”
    • Accurate to ± 0.25%
    • Ideal for Low Bulk Density Materials and Low Capacities
  • Accuracy

    • ± 0.5% to ± 0.25% or better when installed and maintained according to Merrick instructions.

    Weight Sensing Device

    • Two approach (± 0.5% accuracy) or four idler approach/retreat suspension.
    • Provides for counterbalancing to reduce dead load and make more use of the load cells capacity range.
    • Single Strain Gauge Load Cell

    Speed Sensing Device

    • Magnetic or Optical Speed Sensor
    • Bracket Supplied for Tail (Non-Driven) Pulley Mounting for True Speed Pick-up.

    Connection Box

    • Connections for both Load Cell and Speed Sensor Wires.
    • NEMA 4X Enclosure
    • Pulse Cut-Off Switch for measuring belt length


    • Electronic
    • Material Test
    • Test Chain (optional)
    • Test Weight (optional)
  • For Spare parts for this model and more click here


Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel

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