Complete Systems Information

  • Our water treatment division offers a variety of silo storage systems, feeders, slakers, dissolvers, slurry preparation, and ancillary products for any chemical preparation system. We bring considerable experience to water treatment applications through reliable and innovative technology. Contact us for more information on how our complete systems operate and how they will work for you.
  • MERRICK brings over 100 years of chemical feed experience together with the storage expertise of MERRICK’s STANCO Projects Division, USA. The integration of two industry leaders provides a single source of highly reliable storage and slurry preparation systems. In addition to weigh feeders, conveyor belt scales, and impact flow meters, MERRICK also features state-of-the-art lime silo systems. MERRICK offers both lime slaking systems and the rapidly growing High Density Lime Systems (HDLS) invented and pioneered by ConSeCo. Lime slakers are typically suited for high volume lime users, creating a lime slurry on site with quicklime. Our lime slakers are engineered to provide the correct temperature, water-to-lime ratio, and physical agitation required for processing a variety of lime grades. High Density Lime Systems utilize hydrated lime and provide an extremely reliable and low maintenance approach to producing lime slurry. Both approaches are custom designed for municipal water plants, wastewater facilities, flue gas desulfurization, and other applications that utilize lime slurry. MERRICK’s line of lime slakers and High Density Lime System silos both offer the dependability and slurry quality that our customers expect.
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