What if someone told you that your water treatment system could function with no scale? Not just LESS scale, but NO scale. Requiring up to 90% less maintenance than your traditional system, and using less hydrated lime, less makeup water, less power, less downtime and no recirculation loop.

We're here to tell you that it's all true.

MERRICK's Scaleless Lime Slurry Systems use a high-density lime slurry with a stable suspension of more than 30%. That's revolutionary! No one thought it would work, except ConSeCo's Ron Plank back in 1980. He pioneered the high-density lime system, and now Conseco and MERRICK have worked together to perfect it. Quite simply, our Scaleless Lime Slurry Systems do not scale or settle. Ever. And we' ll back it up with a performance warranty and a process guarantee: from the truck fill to the injection point. We stand behind our Scaleless systems, in over a hundred successfu l installations around the  world.

We're not here to do what's been done, we're here to revolutionize the water treatment industry. We' ll change how you think about your lime systems.


  • Lime slurry systems with no pipe scaling or settling over years of service
  • 90% less maintenance than traditional lime slurry systems - dust tight, water tight, causing less equipment wear
  • No recirculation line required
  • Save with at least 10% less lime, water, and power use
  • Produces a true high-density lime slurry with a stable suspension of more than 30%

Do you want the best in the business to work for you?