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Genetix Flexible System Configurations
One-to-Many  or  One-to-One

Genetix Systems Configuration

The capabilities and flexibility of the Genetix platform allows the customer to easily integrate Genetix into their control system. Genetix can handle the control tasks from a single belt scale installation to a complex blending operation with multiple weigh feeders and PLC controls.
Multiple Genetix GCMs connected to Remote Color Display

Genetix Systems

A single Color Touch Screen Display can access and operate multiple Genetix Core Modules (GCMs) and feeders saving valuable cabinet and mounting space.

Battery-powered Wireless Display for Multiple Genetix GCMs

Genetix Systems

Using a Bluetooth® Wireless Interface, a single battery-powered Portable Display can access and operate multiple Genetic Core Modules (GCMs) and feeders. This simplifies set-up and calibration of the scales or feeders.

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