Quality Belt Feeder Systems Custom Designed for Your Application

While a belt feeder from MERRICK can be customized to suit virtually any bulk material application, these feeders are especially useful for low-headroom situations and for applications that require continuous feeding, higher feed rates, or gentler material handling. Serving the weigh feeding industry since 1908, MERRICK has a tremendous working knowledge with belt feeders for every application imaginable, and we are committed to helping design the feeder that will offer the level of reliable performance, accuracy, and repeatability your application requires.

A belt feeder can be used to transport and meter a wide variety of bulk materials. When the metering precision expectation is around ± 5%, the belt feeder can be designed to provide a desired feedrate downstream based on volume for every rotation of the headpulley. When it is necessary to weigh the material to achieve maximum accuracy within ± 0.25%, belt scales can be integrated to continuously monitor and control the feedrate.

Below are some of the belt feeder and weigh feeder models manufactured by MERRICK:

Regardless of the belt feeder you require, you can expect a fundamental soundness of design that only MERRICK, the inventor of weigh feeding, can offer. Many MERRICK belt feeders utilize our signature slack belt design to maximize long term accuracy, while reducing maintenance. Select MERRICK models feature a cantilevered frame design that makes it easier than ever to remove an endless belt from the side for repair or replacement. As you can see by the list of MERRICK models above, we feature belt feeders custom engineered for a wide range of applications, including cement, lime, water treatment, foods, plastics, chemicals, building materials, steel, mining, pharmaceuticals, and power generation.  From grams per minute to tons per hour.  Applications spanning food grade stainless steel weigh belts for wet washdown cleaning to severe duty apron weigh feeders for large, abrasive materials.

If you are considering adding a new belt feeder to your plant or replacing an old machine on the production floor, contact MERRICK to learn how one of our state-of-the-art feeders can provide you with the improved accuracy, durability and dependability you require.

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