Fabric Filters – Bag Houses

MERRICK Fabric Filter
New MERRICK fabric filter installed
on steel mill BOP shop.
MERRICK fabric filters (bag houses) are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. MERRICK filter units are manufactured to exacting specifications to suit almost any application. All MERRICK filters incorporate the following standard features:

  • All welded construction throughout
  • Stainless steel snap band bag connection.
  • Top access through a removable roof
MERRICK Fabric Filter
Sliding a new filter unit between new and
old units during an online steel mill upgrade.
MERRICK Fabric Filter
Another shot of BOP shop filter
showing reused sub-structure
MERRICK Fabric Filter
New MERRICK fabric filter on CAS / OB exhaust
MERRICK Fabric Filter
New bags and cages being installed
through the removable roof.
MERRICK Fabric Filter
New filter module being installed
with both new and old online.
MERRICK Fabric Filter
MERRICK fixed vane cyclone type spark
arrester for flame suppression.


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