WinMerik ® PC Software Application Data Monitoring and Storage

      WinMerik is for customers with MERRICK Controllers who want to get more from their feeder or scale system. A Personal Computer (PC) running WinMerik that is connected to a MERRICK Controller can:

      • Monitor up to 10 Process Values in real-time
      • Log Real-Time Process Values to the PC’s Disk Drive
      • Use DDE to transfer process values to other software
      • Read and store to disk all parameters in the controller
      • Transmit parameters stored on disk to a controller
      With WinMerik it is possible to:

      • Graph historical data in a spreadsheet program
      • Graph live real-time values in a spreadsheet program
      • Store calibration and program parameters for future use
      • Restore calibration and program parameters to a controller
      • Use DDE to send data to Supervisory or PLC Systems
      • Use business network to transfer/monitor data in the plant
    PC System Requirements:

    • Windows 95, 98, NT, XP
    • CD ROM Drive
    • RS-232 or RS-485 Com Port
    • 80386 or higher processor
    • 16 Meg RAM
    • 2 MB Hard Drive Space
WinMerik DemostrationWinMerik Screenshot


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