Model 970I – Industrial Weigh Belt Feeder

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The Model 970I Industrial Weigh Belt Feeder has a 12”, 20” and a 24” belt that is designed to meter various materials into a process at a designed feedrate with gravimetric precision. The feeder belt speed is varied to deliver material from a supply device into a process at a desired rate. A weight signal output and speed signal output are supplied for closed-loop process control.

Model 970I

Model 970I with covers removed

Materials of Construction

  • 304 Stainless Steel on all metal components
  • Uniform Glass Beaded surface


  • 3/16” Thick Stainless Steel, Welded Construction
  • Full-Length Stainless Steel Conveyor Access Door on access side
  • Two, One-Third Length Stainless Steel Access Doors on Back Side of Feeder


  • Entire conveyor removable from the side
  • Two cantilevered Arms for Support
  • Sealed for life pulley Bearings
  • Double-Bladed Removable Belt Scraper

Standard Drive Components

  • 0.25 HP DC, Washdown TENV Motor
  • Merrick XTRA Drive Motor Speed Controller
  • Right Angle Side Mount Direct Drive

Weight Sensing Device

  • Static Weighing Suspension (no moving parts)
  • Easy, 3-point Alignment
  • Single Strain Gauge Load Cell
    • Stainless Steel, Hermetically Sealed, Temperature and Pressure Compensated
    • 350 Ohm Bridge
    • 2 or 3 mV/V Signal
    • 10 to 15 Volts Excitation


  • + 0.25%

Installed Weight

  • 505 Lbs. (315 Kg.) Standard
Feed Rates

  • Volumetric Throughput: 0.60 to 500 Ft3/Hr (0.17-14.115 M3/Hr.)
    (Multiply Volumetric Rate by Bulk Density of Material to Compute Gravimetric Feed Rate)

Gravimetric Turndown

  • 40:1 from Maximum Feedrate

Standard Power Requirement

  • 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz
  • 15 Amp Service

Ambient Temperature Limits

  • 0o to 77o C (32o to 170o F)


  • Genetix Touch Screen Process Controller
  • Continuous Weighing or Rate-Control Feeding, Batching and Rate-Controlled Batching Applications
  • Communication Interfaces
    • Merrick Serial Communications Protocol
    • Modbus ASCII, Modbus+
    • DeviceNET
    • DF1, DH-485, Data Highway+

Optional Accessories

  • Calibration Roller Chain
  • Maintenance Arms
  • Infeed and Discharge Flexible Connections
  • Transition to and From the Feeder
  • Hazardous Location Electrical Components
  • AC Drive and Motor Components
  • Special Materials of Construction
  • Hung-from-Above Support Structures Available
  • Extended Infeed to Discharge Lengths
  • Special Bottom Enclosure and Support Stands
  • Material Stream Viewing Windows
  • Dust Collection Connection Stubs
  • Automatic and Manual Discharge Sampling Valves
  • Manual Infeed Material Cut-Off Gate

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