Model 950 – Weight Belt Feeder

Model 950 Weigh Belt Feeder

    The Model 950 Feeder continues to be equivalent or better than many belt feeders on the market today. However, in an effort to provide a feeder superior to any other on the market, the Model 970 Feeder was created. The major input in the design of the Model 970 Feeder was from current and potential customers who use belt feeders. Engineers were sent from MERRICK into the field to gather information on what was liked and what was disliked about belt feeders being offered by all manufacturers.
Below is a list of retrofit options to bring your Model 950 current with Model 970 technology.
Auto Tension Upgrade:

  • Replaces Auto-Balanced Automatic Belt Tensioning Assembly
  • New Stainless Steel Crowned Tail Pulley
  • Internal Belt Scraper Assembly
  • Tail (non-driven) pulley mounted Digital Speed Sensor
Model 950 Retrofit Auto-Tension
Weight Module Upgrade:

  • Stainless Steel Static Weigh Deck (Contains No Moving Parts)
  • 6 or 15 Kg. Stainless Steel Strain Gauge Load Cell
  • Reference Bar Weldment
  • T-Style, Three Point Alignment Kit
  • Revised Installation Drawings and Instructions
Model 950 Weigh Deck.jpg
Conveyor Replacement Upgrade

  • Complete Auto Tension Upgrade
  • Complete Weigh Module Upgrade
  • New Stainless Steel Conveyor Weldment
  • White FDA Belt
  • Bearings and other required parts
  • Updated Installation Drawings and Instructions
Electronic Controls Upgrade

  • Genetix Process Controller Touch Screen in a Panel Mount Enclosure
  • Load Cell/Speed Sensor Connection Board (FCB)
  • Updated Installation Drawings and Instructions


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