Coal Feeder – Mechanical to Electronic Conversion

Converted Weight Assembly mechanical to electronic conversionFor all Makes & Models of Coal Feeders
* Eliminate costly parts
* Reduce maintenance
* Improve accuracy and reliability

Many pre-1980’s feeders have a mechanical weigh system for determining the belt load. Related parts wear out in service, causing accuracy degradation. Also, such can be expensive to replace. Conversion to an electronic weigh system is economical and easy. The new system reduces maintenance costs and provides higher reliability and accuracy.

Electronic Conversion Scope:

  • Removal of mechanical weighbridge assembly.
  • Installing a leveling bar modification kit
  • Installing a two loadcell weigh suspension with no moving parts, levers, or linkages.
  • A high resolution belt speed encoder.
  • Installing Merrick’s state of the art MC3 controller to control the feeder, calculate the feet rate, and provide process data back to the control room.

  • Minimal (and in some cases no) cutting or welding
  • In most cases can be performed in 2 days
  • State of the art Merrick MC3 controller. Some of the many benefits include its user-interface and graphical LCD touch-screen display making the MC3 the easiest to learn and use. Also, the MC3 has unparalleled connectivity to most any modern industrial network protocals.
  • Stainless steel load cells—mechanically protected, hermetically sealed
  • With dual load cells, the MC3 controller monitors the performance of each load cell independently and converts to volumetric automatically when needed.
  • Ease of calibration by any of 4 methods. No probes or other special equipment required.
  • No weigh linkages, bearings, or knife-edges to wear – improving accuracy.


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