Model 510 Loss-in-Weight Conversion Kit

MC Cubed Controller Model 510 Loss-in-Weight Conversion Kit

Get Loss-In-Weight accuracy and functionality using a volumetric feeder for a fraction of the cost of traditional Loss-In-Weight Feeders.

Place a MERRICK Platform Scale under a volumetric feeder, connect the scale to a MERRICK Genetix Process Controller and you have a more accurate feeder as well as a more intelligent device in your process.

Benefits Include: Conversion Kit Components:
    • Drastically Reduced Investment
      (Can utilize existing volumetric feeders)
    • Closed Loop Feedrate Control
      (Adjust for changes in bulk density)
    • Process Alarms
      (discover problems further upstream – avoid wasted product.)
    • Connections to common industrial networks
      (reduce expensive and complex wiring)
Platform Scale

  • Low profile Stainless or Carbon Steel construction
  • Precision strain gauge load cell with temperature and barometric compensation.

SCR Motor Speed Control

  • Isolated Analog Input for remote motor speed control.
  • Manual and Remote Operation Modes

Genetix Process Controller

  • 30.00.EX for continuous Feedrate Control.
  • 35.00.EX for Weigh-Out Batching Control.


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