Quality Lime Slakers for Water and Wastewater Treatment & Other Lime Processing Facilities

Lime slakers are an important tool for converting calcium oxide (CaO), which is also known as quicklime or pebble lime, into a calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) slurry. Quicklime is a popular alternative to purchasing hydrated lime because it is more affordable and requires around 75 percent less of the chemical by weight as hydrated lime, meaning less storage space, handling, and freight are needed. At MERRICK, our top-of-the-line lime slakers are the perfect solution for creating lime slurry efficiently, affordably, and reliably, thanks to our more than 50 years of experience in the field.  MERRICK offers both Paste and Detention type lime slakers, with an entire catalog of ancillary equipment to provide a complete lime silo system.

At MERRICK, we feature two distinct models of lime slaking systems for our customers to choose from in a variety of sizes and capacities:

  • OMEGA Series 41 Detention Slaker – This slaker is a self-contained slaker and feeder combination. Our highly efficient detention slaker is engineered to provide the correct agitation, temperature, and water-to-lime ratio required for a variety of lime grades.
  • Series 7000 Paste Slaker – The Series 7000 paste slaker is user-friendly and provides consistent, highly accurate water-to-lime ratios thanks to our microprocessor control feature. This slaker’s innovative design removes the need for complicated and maintenance-intensive mechanical controls.


If you are looking for lime slakers that are equipped to handle water treatment applications, flue gas desulfurization (FGD), or any other process that requires the conversion of calcium oxide to a calcium hydroxide slurry, MERRICK has the technology, experience, resources, and expertise to meet your needs. We understand that you rely on your lime slakers to deliver slurry efficiently and reliably, which is why we’re so proud of our state-of-the-art slakers. Additionally, our volumetric and gravimetric feeders are ideal as part of the slaker feeding application.

To learn more about our lime slakers, gravimetric feeders, conveyor belt scales, flow meter systems, and other custom engineered dynamic weighing and feeding solutions, contact MERRICK. We’ll help you select the slaking system that best meets your needs and are prepared to answer any questions you might have.


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