Quality Flow Meter Systems from MERRICK

An impact flow meter from MERRICK is able to accurately measure the rate of flow of a variety of materials. This function is an essential tool in monitoring the actual flowrate of materials going through a process. At MERRICK, we take pride in providing our customers with dynamic weighing, feeding, controls, and environmental solutions, and our state-of-the-art industrial impact flow meter is just one example of our commitment to offering equipment that is durable, highly accurate, and reliable.

Model 300 Heavy Duty Flow MeterThe MERRICK Model 300 Heavy Duty Flow Meter, which is most commonly used for feeding raw meal into a cement kiln and measuring material flow returning to a cement mill from a separator.

A few of the standard features of the Model 300 Flow Meter include:

  • Heavy duty impact plate mounted to a parallelogram weigh suspension
  • Stainless steel load cell to handle high temperatures
  • Flanged guide chute
  • Steel enclosure with two access panels
  • Airslide adapter to provide interface with customer’s existing material delivery system
  • 16” and 24” sizes for flow rates
  • ± 2% full-scale accuracy
Flowmeter parallelogram weigh suspension

Parallelogram weigh suspension

At MERRICK, our top priority is to provide exceptional customer service. If you are considering adding an impact flow meter to your process, contact us to learn more about our products and schedule a consultation with a member of our team. MERRICK has been serving the weigh feeding industry since 1908 and we are committed to designing and manufacturing products that meet our customers’ needs, are accurate, and provide reliable results for years to come. We are also proud to offer custom designed gravimetric feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, conveyor belt scales, and a variety of other quality weighing and feeding products.

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