Electrostatic Precipitators

MERRICK custom Precipitator rebuild on unit handling explosive coal dust

MERRICK custom precipitator rebuild on unit handling explosive coal dust.

MERRICK specializes in the most difficult precipitator rebuilds, such as the unit depicted on the right. This precipitator was an older rigid frame design. It utilized a single field with internal tumbling hammers. Our mission was to reduce downtime and to reduce emissions from 70+ pounds per hour to less than 20 pounds per hour as quickly as possible. The new MERRICK precipitator came online seven weeks later, utilizing a two field design with rigid electrodes and roof mounted electromagnetic rappers. Test results: less than 4 pounds per hour.
This was not a special project, it’s a good example of the MERRICK philosophy: Build it now, Build it right, Build it once. With careful attention to detail and a dedicated and trained engineering staff, MERRICK is uniquely qualified to produce uncommon results quickly. Some of our standard features include:

  • All designs incorporate rigid discharge electrodes.
  • Utilize either single piece or segmented collecting curtains for design flexibility.
  • All designs incorporate electromagnetic rapping systems.
  • Intimate knowledge of all existing OEM designs. Dynamic engineering group oriented toward quick paced projects.
  • Ability to place high level consulting personnel on ground level.
View of new precipitator nearly complete

View of new precipitator nearly complete
MERRICK Fabric FilterMERRICK standard access door MERRICK Fabric Filter
MERRICK electromagnetic rappers


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