Coal Valves

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MERRICK Coal valves are utilized as material shutoff gates located at the bunker (silo) outlet. These valves provide “off-on” control of the material of varying sizes. They are designed to cut through a standing column of material.

Bunker Outlet Coal Valves
  • Pressurized Construction
    • 3 psi (0.2 Bars) integrity
    • Interior access through poke holes
    • All joints welded, inside and out
    • Gate removable through end cover without removing valve
    • 16” – 48” square or round inlet/outlet configurations
    • 14” X 30” or 24” X 72” rectangular inlet/outlet to match feeder inlet
    • Flange pattern to meet customer specifications
  • Self-Cleaning Design
    • Virtually no material accumulation
    • Jam-proof operation
  • “U” shaped Gates
    • Eliminates component contact with material stream
    • All material contact surfaces are stainless steel
    • Positive shutoff
    • Custom sizes to meet customer specifications
    • Carbon steel construction with stainless steel liner
  • Gate Support Rollers
    • Stainless steel roller shells
    • Externally greased rollers
  • Double Rack and Pinions
    • Eliminates gate binding or skewing
    • Stainless steel pinions
  • Access Ports
    • Two access ports located one per side
    • Covers are flush with inside


  • Hand wheel, chain wheel, pneumatic or electric operator
  • Acoustic flow monitor mounted in extended inlet
  • Limit switches for gate position indication
  • 50 psi (3.45 Bars) design
  • Visual gate position indicator


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