Belt Scale Modernization

* Cost Effective
* Improve Accuracy
* Reduce Maintenance
* Avoid Component Obsolescence

Belt Scale Modernization:

MERRICK offers retrofit kits to upgrade any older conveyor belt scales, both mechanical and electronic. New maintenance-free weigh scale suspensions are available with no moving parts. Also, modern electronics are available for scales with working weigh suspensions. Not a MERRICK belt scale? Not a problem, we provide upgrades for all makes and models of belt scales and feeders.

Belt Scale Modernization Old style Belt Scale
Convert old Mechanical Model “E” scales
to modern electronics.
Available Upgrades:

  • Model 475 or 475EZ weigh suspension to convert from mechanical to electronic technology or update an obsolete load cell based system.
  • Genetix touchscreen process controller – Update from older electronics to the latest MERRICK Genetix touchscreen process controller with easy-to-use graphics and industrial network connectivity.
  • High resolution belt speed sensors.
  • Calib-Ease test weight placement systems for Model 475 belt scales.
  • Improve accuracy – add additional weigh modules or add scale quality idler sets.
  • Remote rate displays, totalizers, printers and chart recorders.


  • Maintenance-free weigh suspension, no levers, pivots or bearings.
  • Modular construction allows for easy installation.
  • State-of-the-art MERRICK Genetix controller.
  • TouchScreen numeric and trend displays.
  • Serial ports for connection to industrial networks; DeviceNet, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.
  • Stainless steel load cells—mechanically protected, environmentally sealed.
  • Ease of calibration by any of 4 methods: (material test, test chain, test weights or electronic calibration).
Belt Scale Modernization 465/475 Weigh Suspension
Upgrade old Model 440 electronic scales
to modern electronics.
Belt Scale Modernization 465/475 Weigh Suspension
New 475 with customer’s idler mounted,
optional calib-ease weight placement system
and mounting supports.
MERRICK Genetix Touchscreen Controller
New Genetix Touchscreen Process Controller

MERRICK MC3 Controller
MC3 Touchscreen Controller
Previous Generation MERRICK Controllers


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